Types of Bench Press

types of bench press Variations on the bench press

There are various types of bench press and the type you choose should depend on your goals.

Each bench press type targets a different area of the chest, though it is possible to achieve full chest development using only the flat bench press.

Read on to find out more about the different types of bench press:

Flat bench press

The flat bench press is performed while lying flat on your back. This bench press type builds muscle all over the chest (pectoralis major) and front shoulders (anterior deltoids).

This is the regular bench press and a full chest can be developed using this bench press alone.

The incline/decline bench press are further bench press techniques. These are great complements to the flat bench press and help to develop the upper and lower chest.

Incline bench press

The incline bench press is performed with your head raised up at an incline. The benefit of the incline bench press is that this position helps to target the upper chest.

Incline bench pressing feels harder than flat bench pressing as it uses less of the chest, so you will not normally be able to lift weights that are as heavy with this press as with flat bench pressing.



Decline bench press

The decline bench press is performed with your head lowered at an angle. Your feet are secured by placing them under a padded bar.

The benefit of the decline bench press is that this position helps to target the lower chest. This will feel harder than the regular flat bench as it targets a smaller area of the chest.


Benefits of the three types of bench press

By using all three types of bench press you will receive a great overall chest workout, developing the upper, middle and lower chest equally.

Although the flat bench is great on its own, using all three bench press techniques together will help you achieve a balanced shape with excellent chest and shoulder (pectoral and deltoid) muscle definition.

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