Seated Abductor

What is the seated abductor machine?

The seated abductor is an isolation exercise for the outer thighs. The machine works the legs using an opposite motion to the adductor machine.

The exerciser sits on the seat and uses the legs to lift the weight by moving the pads apart and together.

What muscles does the seated abductor machine use?

The seated abductor machine uses the outer thigh muscles (the abductors).

Benefits of the seated abductor exercise

The seated abductor exercise strengthens and develops the outer thigh muscles. This exercise is great to use in tandem with the seated adductor exercise for overall thigh development.

Using this machine will help improve your posture as well as strengthen and tone your thighs.

The sides of the thighs are hard to exercise with regular movements so this machine usefully targets the area.

How to use the seated abductor machine

Sit on the seat with thighs inside the pads, each outer thigh resting on the pads and feet resting on the pedals.

Disengage the pin on the machine so that your legs can move as close together as possible. Re-engage the pin so that the pads are fixed at this close together point. You are now ready to begin the lift.

Keep sitting fully upright with abdominals engaged and spine neutral. Push the knees apart away from each other in front of the body to lift the weight.

Once the pads are as far apart as you can push them, slowly move the knees back in again to their starting position. Keep the movement slow and controlled throughout, with feet pointing forward on the pedals.

Once you have completed your final rep, return the weight to the stack gently and disengage the pin. Move the pads out and free your legs. Finally, re-engage the pin and climb off the machine.


It is also possible to perform the abductor exercise using a resistance band (pictured above). Simply attach the band to an immovable object or trap it around your other leg or under your foot.

Using your outer thigh muscles, stretch the band outward and slowly complete a series of reps in a controlled motion.

Read all about the seated adductor machine for the ideal complement to the seated abductor exercise.

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