Seated Adductor

What is the seated adductor?

The seated adductor machine is an isolation exercise which targets the inner thigh.

To perform the lift, you sit at the machine and use your leg muscles to move the pads together and apart.

What muscles does the adductor machine use?

The adductor machine uses the inner thigh muscles (adductors).

Benefits of the seated adductor machine

The adductor machine allows for isolated strengthening and development of the inner thighs.

This is a difficult area to train effectively and this muscle is quite under-used in every day life, so the adductor machine provides a much needed exercise for total isolation of the inner thigh muscles.

This is a good exercise to use towards the end of your workout after compound leg exercises, such as the squat.

How to use the seated adductor machine

Sit on the seat with each inner thigh resting on the the outside of the pads and feet resting on the pedals.

Disengage the pin on the machine so that your legs can move wider, and move your legs out as far as they can go. Re-engage the pin so that the pads are fixed at this point. You are now ready to begin the lift.

Keep sitting fully upright with abdominals engaged and spine neutral. Pull the knees in towards each other in front of the body to lift the weight.

Once the pads are close together, slowly move the knees out again to their starting position where you will feel a stretch at the inner thighs. Keep the movement slow and controlled throughout, with feet pointing forward on the pedals.

Once you have completed your final rep, return the weight to the stack gently. Disengage the pin so you can move the pads back to the centre. Finally, re-engage the pin and climb off the machine.


Adductor exercise with resistance band

It is also possible to perform the abductor exercise with a resistance band.

Simply attach the band to a solid object and put the other side around your foot or leg. Slowly move your leg back and forth against the resistance using your inner thigh muscles to stretch the band (see left picture)

Read more about the seated abductor machine, which is a complementary exercise that trains the outer thighs.

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