Sleep and Rest

Why muscles need sleep

Sleep and rest are vitally important to any strength training routine. In order to perform at your best in your workouts it is crucial that you are well rested.

This is because muscles needs sleep in order to repair themselves from any damage and grow bigger and stronger.

The importance of getting a good sleep cannot be overestimated if you want to improve your health, strength and fitness.

Grow muscle in your sleep

In fact, your muscles grow and strengthen not while lifting at the gym, but afterwards, while you are at rest and during your sleep.

This is why it is so important that you get you get adequate sleep, preferably eight hours a night.

Muscles need sleep. So of you do not sleep long or well enough, you cannot benefit properly from our workout and your muscles will not be able to develop as effectively.

How does sleep benefit muscle growth?

When you lift weights, small tears appear in your muscles. Then when you eat, protein is used by the body to repair the tears.

However, it is not until you are at rest for a reasonably long time in one stretch that the real repairs are made and your muscles’ tissues are fully restored and strengthened.

This is why the majority of muscular gains occur while we are asleep.

If we have a disturbed night or sleep for less time than normal, it is likely the  body’s repair mechanism will not work as well. Not only will you feel tired the next day, you will not benefit as strongly from your previous workout.


Growth hormone and sleep

During sleep, growth hormones are released to stimulate your body to repair its cells. During this time, your muscles are stimulated to grow to keep up with the strain you are putting them under in your workouts.

Insulin interferes with the release of growth hormone, so it is best not to eat anything too rich in carbohydrate just before going to bed, as this will raise your insulin levels.

Muscles need sleep and thrive on good quality rest just as much as they thrive on high quality food and protein.

Remember, if you keep working out sensibly, eat well and rest properly, you will always wake up stronger!

Share your thoughts on sleep and strength

Do you usually get enough sleep? Are you regularly sleep deprived?

Do you feel physically weaker when you don’t get enough sleep?

Do you notice that sleep affects your workouts? Do you feel you can lift heavier after a good night’s sleep?

Any sleeping tips? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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