Why Lift Weights?

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Benefits of weightlifting

Why lift weights? The answer is simply that weightlifting benefits everyone, improves your health, fitness and strength which will benefit you in all areas of your life.

Strength training is not just for body builders. In fact, everyone can benefit from a well-structured strength workout.

There are so many benefits of weightlifting that once you start, you will never look back! You will strengthen muscles and bones, tone up and feel fantastic – not to mention all the health benefits.

Why lift weights?

So you might still be asking, why lift weights? The reasons are many. With effective strength training you will find that:

* Your body will look leaner and firmer

* Your clothes will fit better

* You will be healthier

* Everyday activities will become much easier

* You will perform better in your chosen sport

Of course, if you want to bulk up you can achieve this too. But it is by no means a necessary outcome.

Your own goals will determine your strength training routine so that you achieve the results you want, whether that is bulky or lean.

Weight lifting and muscle mass

As we get older, we lose muscle mass, which makes our bodies appear fatter and saggier, simply because a greater percentage of the body is now made up from fat.

To combat this, weight training will slow the decline in your natural muscle mass and, with good training, can reverse the process. In fact, if you add a strength training routine to your workout you can reduce muscle loss by 40%.

People often find they develop a fatty stomach as they age, but strength training can create a lean shape and keep beer guts at bay.

When people ask ‘why lift weights?’ this fat-reduction benefit is a huge reason why we should all incorporate strength training into our routines, especially as we get older.

Health benefits of weight lifting

Other great outcomes of strength training are some really worthwhile health benefits, such as:

  • Lower levels of stress
  • Improved mood
  • Lower risk of heart disease
  • Lower risk of cancer
  • Stronger bones
  • Reduced body fat
  • A longer life!

There you have it – just a few ways to reply to the question: why lift weights?

Why do you lift weights? Which lifting exercises are your favourites?

Share your thought in the comments.

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