Women and Weightlifting

Women and weightlifting

Women and weightlifting are not always two words people put together, however, more and more women are discovering the joys of weightlifting, strength conditioning and body building.

Strength training is certainly not just for men, however, some women who are just looking for tone worry that they will bulk up too much if they follow a weight training routine.

This is a needless worry. In fact, women will find it very difficult to gain anywhere near as much muscle mass as men from a regular strength training routine. This is because they simply don’t have the same hormones.

The lower levels of testosterone in the female body make it much harder for women to develop large amounts of muscle.

So instead of bulking up, regular weightlifting will give women a lean, toned, firm and healthy shape.

Women and body building

In saying that, if women want to bulk up for competition or just because they enjoy it, they can certainly achieve that.

It is possible for women to achieve a very muscular look with the right intensive and focused training combined with a strict diet, specifically devised for that aim.

There are many highly successful female bodybuilders to prove it.

female bodybuilder - women and weightlifting
Tone up with weights

However, many women just want to gain lean muscle and develop a strong, supple, toned look. Weight training is essential for this.

Weightlifting is also great for getting rid of excess fat in hard-to-target places, such as the backs of the arms. With the right strength training programme your body can be transformed.

When some people think of women and weightlifting, they might think of the lighter dumbbells used with aerobics. These light weights can be added into a cardio routine with great results for toning purposes.

Use ankle and wrist weights or light dumbbells for a harder workout when running or doing aerobics. This is a popular choice for women looking to tone up without bulking.

Of course many women want to train with heavy weights for a more powerful effect and this is the best way to achieve a strongly sculpted look, while increasing strength and power.

Heavier weight training will achieve the best results in the shortest space of time – it is also great for bone strength.

Do you lift weights for strength, power, tone – a combination?

Are you a female bodybuilder? Do you compete? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the increase in weightlifting among women gym-goers.

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