The Power of Stretch

Stretching is an essential part of your workout, both before your main session and afterwards. Preparation stretches warm muscles up and prepare them for exercise, while post-workout stretches help muscles cool down and release toxins.

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Isolation Lifts

Isolation lifts focus intensity on one muscle group. These lifts are ideal to use after compound lifts in order to fatigue an individual muscle. They can also be used for adding definition and fine tuning your development.

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Free Weights or Machines?

Free weights are dumbbells, barbells all all other forms of movable weight that offers resistance. Free weights offer a harder workout than weight machines because your muscles have to work to stablise the movement.

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Your Guide to Weightlifting, Fitness and Health

My Strength Training is your online guide to weightlifting, exercise, fitness and health – whatever your goals. Our guide to strength training will explain how to correctly perform all weight lifting exercises safely and effectively, whether your goal is to train for powerlifting competition or just to improve your shape, health and fitness levels.

We’ll also explain how to use diet, rest, cardio workouts, warm ups, cool downs and stretches to improve your training – and your results.

Our fitness website is ideal for beginners just getting involved in the world of weightlifting. We’ll help you learn about safety in weightlifting and how to use weights as part of an overall exercise routine. Our blog also contains interesting articles about health and wellness, in addition to fun posts about general lifestyle topics.

What is strength training?

Strength training is a physical exercise that uses resistance to work the muscles of the body. Strength training can use machines in the gym, such as the leg press, or free weights, such as dumbbells and barbells.

Strength training can also use bodyweight exercises to create resistance, such as press ups and sit ups. These types of strength exercises do not require any equipment and can easily be done at home.

Benefits of strength training

Why strength training? Strength training is an important part of any fitness and exercise routine if you want to gain results quickly and effectively.

Good strength is one of the most important parts of being a fit person who is ‘in-shape’ and this kind of training should be incorporated into your exercise and fitness routine if you want to enjoy the best possible benefits of exercise to your body and mind.

Weight training is a perfect way to get fit, stay fit, build muscle, become toned, get lean or bulk up (whichever you choose), build endurance, look great and feel incredible. This is what our training guide is all about! With weight training you can achieve any of these goals, whichever is your motivation:

Improve strength, improve tone, increase lean muscle mass, bulk up, perform at your best in sport, perform at your best in life, increase fitness, feel amazing.

Who is strength training for?

Strength training is not just for body builders. And it is not just for men. Everyone can benefit from a well-structured strength workout.

With effective strength training you will get stronger and everyday activities will become much easier. You will perform better in your chosen sport. Your body will look leaner and you will be much healthier.

Of course, if you want to bulk up you can achieve this too. But it is by no means a necessary outcome.

Cardio, diet, rest and supplements

Other elements to consider in your training routine are the right approach to diet, adequate rest and sleep, effective cardiovascular exercise and any supplements you might want to add to your diet.

Of course everyone engaging in strength training should also make sure they perform a thorough warm up before their workout and an adequate cool down afterwards, including a stretching session.

What are you waiting for?

Check out the articles on this site, get inspired, get knowledgeable, and get involved in the exciting world of fitness and strength training!

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